About Us

Trigyn USA is dedicated to the research, development, production and sale of quality video equipment. After launching the first Trigyn branch in the United States in 2013, Trigyn USA is pushing forward in continuing to supply the market with high quality products and impeccable support. Backed by our flagship office in China, our brand is supported by a 6000 sqm factory currently containing more than 30 computerized machines, combined with a strong team who has a track record of quickly turning customer suggestions into real products.

The purpose of Trigyn USA revolves around the small production companies and independent filmmakers. We are here to support them. Getting the best shots and creating high videos is the number one priority and Trigyn USA’s helps give every film maker the tools necessary to hone their craft while continually creating better and better videos for the world to witness. These tools include a wide variety and depth of products that film makers can look through in order to find products that customize to their operations and goals.

We stand behind our customers, community and guarantee a high quality of work. When you buy Trigyn, feel confident in knowing that both the quality of our products and our after sales support will never let you down.